Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Three beauty tips EVERY woman should know!

Tip 1 -
The eyes are the window to the soul.  Have you heard that one before?  Well, the eyes will also let everyone know whether you had a good night's sleep or a not so great night's sleep.  So what to
do?  Make those lashes look full and thick!!  Here's an easy way to achieve this. Take your mascara wand, any mascara will do (but our favorites are the Pink Ink "Intense Lash," Arbonne's "It's a Long Story" Mascara and Mary Kay's "Ultimate Mascara").  Be sure to start at the VERY base of your lashes and WIGGLE that brush. (Think -- wiggle wiggle wiggle!). The more you wiggle, the more you get at every lash and ensure that you get the thick mascara effect.

 And voila -- fake lashes without the fake lashes!

 Tip 2 -
My hair won't cooperate!!!  What do I do?
How does one deal with her frizzy, messy 'do' quickly so she can get herself and her family out the door on time?  Our best friend, the straightener will help. 

 Be sure to ensure that your straightener is heated up well before beginning. There are two things to remember that will ensure you do not have a bad/frizzball hair day.
One: section hair into small sections so that heat is evenly distributed to each portion.
Two: Start at the root and take that little extra time to pull the straightener through well-sectioned hair.

Skipping the sectioning and/or failing to start right at the root with the really hot straightener will ensure frizzy looking, poofy, dry and sad looking hair. And who needs that on an already crazy day?

OR you can get extensions put in and/or invest in a wig!  ALWAYS a life saver for us Pink Ink Divas! ;)

If you are looking for a good straightener, try the Moroccanoil Straightener. Heat. Perfection.

Tip 3
A piece of clothing that EVERY woman should have - the pencil skirt!

In the spring and summer you can wear it bare legged with really cute sandals and a beautiful blouse/shirt. 
In the fall and winter you can wear it with nylons or tights with closed toed shoes or boots!  You can
also pair it with a beautiful print top and layer with a sweet looking sweater for those cooler days.

A black pencil skirt can be worn with so many different types of tops - blouses, dressy t's, sweaters and of all prints, colors and textures!  A must have for every wardrobe!

Let us know how these tips have helped you.  We would love to hear from you.
Yours in Beauty,

The Pink Ink Ladies