Friday, 31 January 2014

Casual, chic AND on budget!

Being casual and laid back does not have to mean 
frumpy and baggy clothing.  
You can look stylish while lounging.  Check out how!!
Casual and stylish

So take a guess as to what this outfit costs?   You won't believe me when you read!
 Under $116.00 for the whole outfit!!!!
Your eyes are not deceiving you.

Pants:  $22.50 - Old Navy
Tank Top:  $7.00 - Old Navy
Jacket:  $39.94 - Old Navy
Hat:  $9.94 - Old Navy
Boots:  $20 - Payless
Bag:  $16.99 - Payless

When you go to buy the above outfit make sure you tell the stores that Pink Ink sent you!
Send us pics of how you look.  We would love to see you!!

Yours in Beauty