Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dreams & Bullying - Huh?

When someone asks you what you dream about for your future, I'm almost certain that you do not respond "I dream of being  bullied one day" and if you do then none of us really believe you.  So how is that you can ask us what one of our dreams is about and when we respond "bullying has something to do with it" you are left thinking - huh?  Well, let us explain.

Corina Morrison - LABC
Since opening our doors for business Pink Ink has experienced success.  To put into context, when we started our business it was so that we could make some ladies look pretty, make some brides feel amazing and get paid while we do it.  Yep, I said it and truly I feel no way about saying that.  When you are in business you want to get paid even if you are delivering a service that makes not only your client feel good but you feel good as well.  What we found was that not only did our clientele need something more, we had more to give.  We found that too many women felt negatively about themselves and did not believe in themselves or their ability to change their life for the better.  What we have been able to do is help women feel good about themselves by creating a work of art on the canvas of their mind, face and body.  You see, once a woman believes she looks good she feels good which boosts her confidence level and raises her achievement level.  IT'S TRUE!!!  Scientists and researchers have studied this - it's a proven fact.  AND women in business who
take the time to look the part have increased sales of 35%.  Don't believe me - look it up!!  So, knowing this, Pink Ink decided that not only would we help women look and feel good, we decided that we would help women make the inner vision that they see of themselves a reality.  The vision of their WHOLE self from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet.  We will help them develop their image and thus create their "brand".  Essentially, we bring what you dream on the inside about yourself to the outside.  How?  Book a consultation with us and you will find out - lol.
Holly Painter
Now, because we have been so fortunate and so incredibly blessed within a few months of becoming "Pink Ink" we decided right off the hop that we had to give back to the community.  Did you know that every year Pink Ink chooses a charity to work with as a means to give back?  This year we chose the London Anti-bullying Coalition.  Here is how the dreams and bullying thing connects.  So, when we chose this charity, we did not realize the incredible growth we would experience as business women in learning about putting on a fundraiser.  We did not realize the incredible partnerships we would make with other businesses who also give back and want to help others in our community.  Essentially, we did not realize that some of our dreams would come to fruition on the stage of a show about bullying.  You see, Jen - one of the Pink Ink ladies -  has always wanted to produce a show and perform with stars.  Well guess what, Jen, along with Kamini from Silent Poetry and Yvette from Flying Unlimited has produced a show with high calibre acts AND she will perform with them.  Jen loves to sing (bet you didn't know that) and she will sing with some of London and areas rising stars.  After November 16th, Jen will be able to cross another dream off of her bucket list.  Yeah Jen!!!

Will you support us?  We are asking you to take a couple of hours out of your Saturday night and join us at 6pm at the Wolf Performance Hall located in the Central Library.  It's a win-win-win situation really.  You will financially be supporting the London Anti-bullying Coalition by purchasing a ticket.  That money will be your way of standing up for an organization that stands up for our kids!  When you come out on Saturday night, you will be entertained from the moment you sit down to the time you leave the theater.  We guarantee this!  Do you know who will be there?  Marc Trinidad!  Brooklyn Roebuck!  Austin Pryce!  Saidat!  Holly Painter!  Sound in Motion Dance Performance Troupe!  Victoria Zubick!  Miss Teen Canada Celina Rivas-Vasquez!  The Faces of Pink Ink!  Need we
Sound in Motion DPT
say more?  By coming out on Saturday night, you will be supporting our youth performers by encouraging them with your cheers during and after their performances.  What better way to encourage our youth to do positive things?  By coming out on Saturday night, you will be helping other women (P.I. lady Jen in particular) cross off an item on her bucket list.  Talk about money well spent!  Contact us today for your tickets OR go to  - you can get your tickets there as well.
Our message of the week - dreams can come true even if it's about a subject like bullying.  When your intent is to help someone else, the blessing always comes back to you.  So remember to always dream big and give all that you have to making this world a better place.  Develop your plan, execute the plan then repeat.  Even if you fail, then you learn from your mistakes and implement the lesson in the next plan with the goal to succeed.  You are who you say you are so you might as well say "I'm fierce!   I'm strong!  I can do it all!!"  As our friend Saidat says "One person can make a difference, together we can change the world".  Be a world changer with us!  See you Saturday night!

Yours in Beauty,

Jen & Rita
Pink Ink Divas